Plug-in Car/Van Grants

Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Grants


The Government has grants available to encourage the use of ultra low emission vehicles.

Plug-in-Car grant, this funding will be made available upto 2020. The Government has also committed to continue to provide grants for car owners to install an electric charge point at their home.

Electric cars which are eligible for the plug-in car grant if they produce CO2 emissions of <50g per kilometre and are capable of a minimum 70 miles of zero-emission driving.

Questions you may ask:

  • Which vehicles are covered by the ultra low emission grants?
  • How much is the ultra low emission grant worth?
  • What is the process for claiming the grant?

How does it work?

Please refer to the tables below to see the grants available, but note the availability of the grant will be reviewed in March 2020. 

Vehicle Category Definition Grant Maximum Grant
Car CO2 emissions <50g/km and a zero emission range of at least 70miles 35% of cost £3,500
Motorbikes CO2 emissions of )g/km and a zero emission range of at least 31 miles 20% of cost £1,500
Mopeds CO2 emissions of 0g/km and a zero emmisions range of at leaset 19 miles 20% of cost £1,500
Vans CO2 emissions of <75g/km and a zero range of at least 10 miles 20% of cost £8,000


The government will also continue to provide grants to help car owners to install a dedicated charge point at home. The electric vehicle home charge scheme (EVHS) offers £500 per installation.


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