Daily Rental

Daily Rental Fleet Services


Specific fleet requirements will mean from time to time you require daily rental vehicles for drivers on business related matters. 

Questions you may ask:

  • Am I getting the best rates today?
  • What is included and should be in Daily Rental?
  • Does my provider(s) cover the locations I need?
  • Do they always provide the right vehicle at the right price to me?
  • What service do my drivers think they are getting?
  • How can I check my bills?
  • Should I go direct to the rental company or through a services company?

Key considerations for daily rental

There are lots of elements to think about daily rental dependent on what you need.

Some of the areas to consider

  • Vehicle availability/substitution
  • Hours of service
  • Authorisations process
  • Booking volume commitments
  • Driver contact
  • Billing invoice management
  • Delivery and return requirements
  • Nationwide or local coverage
  • insurance management
  • Damage policy
  • Vehicle entitlement for employee grades
  • Technical specification for commercials
  • Booking desk service providers
  • Rental brokers

How we can help?

These are just some of the areas you need to consider. The cost and provision of the service can change dependent on a number of these factors.

This is where we can help by detailing your specific requirements. We can reach out to our strategic partners to find a number of possible solutions for you.

We may suggest one or more partners as a panel but will propose the different options and costs and let you make the decision.

This allows you to pick the service partner you want. We can help support the implementation and if required set up a list of specific SLA's to manage the service and ensure you are getting the service you need. 

Remember we are not the service provider, so we are totally independent of the service delivery so can act in your best interests. 

Key Benefits

Dedicated contact

Fines Management

Ability to set car classes based on policy

Nationwide coverage

Tailored SLA's for your specific needs

Guaranteed Vehicle Availability

Delivery and return options

24*7 contact

Utilisation monitoring

Invoice & Contract Audit