Cash vs Car

Cash versus Car


Wouldn’t it be simpler to remove all the hassle of managing a fleet and giving drivers cash to source their own vehicle instead? If only it was that easy!

It is likely you have some drivers who require a company vehicle as they undertake significant business mileage or due to the nature of their role and as such your policy will need to factor in these variations in driver requirements.

Questions you may ask:

  • Is cash provision cheaper than providing a car?   
  • Does my policy incentivise cash or car and is that what the policy intended?                            
  • What are the compliance considerations if I choose to offer cash versus a company car?  
  • Is it clear how much cash allowances are costing the business with mileage repayments included?   
  • Would offering company cars help retain and motivate my employees at all?                         
  • Has my scheme been impacted by changes in tax legislation particularly in relation to salary sacrifice?

How does it work?

We can review your individual business' requirements factoring in cost, compliance and driver satisfaction to assess the effectiveness of your current policy and suggest the solutions required to drive impactful change.

Our bespoke review will consider all factors important to your business and deliver a tailored segmented solution for your entire population whether they take a car, cash or simply use their own vehicle for business purposes.

Incorporate all factors including allowances, BIK and mileage

Making the right choice

Open and honest fleet policy

Detailed financial modelling