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Grey Fleet


Grey fleet does not relate to the age of your drivers but instead to those drivers who are using their own vehicle for business use and therefore come under your duty of care.

Reputationally your drivers represent your brand on company duty so how does this translate to enhance your corporate image.

Questions you may ask:

  • What are my legal responsibilities for grey fleet drivers?                                                              
  • How can I ensure their vehicles are fit for purpose?                                                                            
  • How do I reimburse for company mileage and is it the best method?                                     
  • Does my policy incentivise the right business travel behaviour?                                           
  • How can I ensure drivers are reflecting my brand values on business?

How does it work?

We can review your current Fleet processes to see if there are any opportunities for improvement which would increase your control of grey fleet travel and costs.

The review can focus on a number of areas such as cash allowances, mileage rates, vehicle suitability, driver education and journey planning or any other areas of concern.

Ensuring Duty of care

Optimise cash allowance payments

Reducing unnecessary business mileage

Minimising Corporate risk