Breakdown Assistance

Breakdown Assistance For Fleet


In the event of a vehicle breaking down ensuring your drivers are safe is of paramount importance then once safety has been established enabling the driver to continue their journey with minimal disruption helps keep your business running.

New innovations in technology mean drivers are easily located and assisted so downtime can be minimised.

Questions you may ask:                   

  • How quickly can you respond what is the SLA?
  • Do you offer replacements at the scene, and if not when and how?
  • Do you tow to a safe location?
  • What repairs can you do? 
  • Spare tyres do you cover all types?
  • What reports do I get to see regarding breakdowns?
  • Can I see the breakdown stats by driver and manufacturer?

Key considerations for Breakdown Assistance

We can provide a complete service covering all areas or just specific services dependent on your needs.

A breakdown service could include a number of elements listed below:

  • Central contact numbers
  • Hours of Service 24*7 or day time etc
  • Geographic reach
  • Response time SLA's
  • Fix and repair options - roadside
  • Towing policy
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Breakdown reports
  • Rebates 

How we can help?

You may be on a manual mileage capture system or some form of electronic collation today, but is it working for you?

As we are independent, we have a number of strategic partners who offer a variety of solutions and pricing for different needs.

We know what is available and what may be the best fit for your specific needs.

We start by getting to know your businesses specific requirements. We can then identify Breakdown solutions that are aligned to your bespoke business needs.

We come back with a series of recommendations. You choose the right one for you. We can then implement and manage the supplier on your behalf ensuring benefits are realised.

Key Benefits

Fully compliant with manufacturer service guidelines

Ensure your drivers safety

Single contact numbers available when you need

Nationwide coverage or localised if needed

Bespoke SLA's to monitor performance

Replacement vehicles as required

Driver rebilling if required

Defined towing policy to meet your needs