Data Quality / Strategy

Optimising fleet data


Managing data and ensuring the integrity of it is vital to the effective and compliant management of a fleet.

Questions you may ask:

  • How do I ensure my driver details are up-to-date?  
  • Mileage data how can I capture and validate this effectively?
  • Billing data how can I check its right?
  • Am I allocating costs to the correct functions and cost centres? 

How does it work?

As vehicles, suppliers and fleets become more technical by the day Fleet Managers are receiving or able to access a huge volume of data to help operate their Fleet.

We recognise that when used effectively this data can be a great asset in the running of your fleet, however used ineffectively the data can often be ignored or even become a drain on resources to manage.

The LetsTalkConsulting team have significant experience in managing fleet data both as a customer and a supplier and using this expertise can review your entire data suite to ensure you are gaining maximum benefit from the data available.

The key is understanding what data is available to you, its quality, accuracy and frequency and then ensuring this is efficiently collected and analysed going forward and then used to drive actionable change within your operation.

The outcome of the review could be changes to your fleet operations or simply better ways to receive, manage and report the data you have today, whatever your data issues we can help.

Key Features

Right data at right time

Ensuring data integrity

Ensuring data privacy

Effective fleet reporting