Fleet Integration (Mergers / Acquisitions)

Fleet Integration


When businesses merge or a takeover has occured there is often the requirement to create a single fleet policy which effectively manages the new combined fleet, this can be complex and time consuming as levels of understanding need to be developed.

Questions you may ask:

  • How do I ensure I retain employee benefits?           
  • How do I harmonise fleet policies?                         
  • How can I benchmark costs of combining fleets?       
  • Integrating different suppliers how does this work?   
  • What is the value of the acquired fleet?

How does it work?

One of the most challenging situations facing a fleet manager can be integrating a new fleet into their existing operations after a new business is acquired or merged.

We have experience in bringing fleets together to ensure continuity, cost benefits are realised and driver satisfaction is maintained during what can be a challenging time. 

Integrating new fleets

Maintaining employee T&C's

Harmonising benefits

Reducing costs through exploiting scale