Mileage Capture

Mileage Capture


Capturing mileage is an important element of managing fleets today as accurate mileage records helps you control costs and ensure you are meeting your duty of care obligations.

New innovations in technology mean drivers don't necessarily need to record mileage but using GPS and Telematics systems it can be logged centrally saving time and productivity. Increasingly fleet managers are now looking into journey tracking and planning to make their drivers and businesses more efficient.

Questions you may ask:

  • Is it compliant for HMRC purposes?                                               
  • Can it improve journey times/productivity?                                    
  • Is it simple to get reports out?                                                    
  • Am I controlling my costs effectively?

Key considerations for Mileage Capture

 Areas to consider include :

  • Integration with existing finance or HR systems
  • Size of fleet and type of driving your drivers undertake
  • Your mileage re-imbursement policy
  • Is there a cost/benefit for automating mileage capture?

 How we can help?

You may be on a manual mileage capture system or some form of electronic collation today, but is it working for you?

As we are independent, we have a number of strategic partners who offer a variety of solutions and pricing for different needs.

We know what is available and what may be the best fit for your specific needs.

Technology is moving quickly and dependent on how you operate today, some of the latest technology may offer you a better and more cost effective solution.

We start by getting to know your businesses specific requirements. We can then identify mileage capture solutions that are aligned to your bespoke business needs.

We come back with a series of recommendations. You choose the right one for you. We can then implement and manage the supplier on your behalf ensuring benefits are realised.


Key Benefits

Ensure full compliance for HMRC audit

Controlling your costs effectively

Enabling you to forecast your budget

Provide journey audits

Simple administration for your and your drivers

Eliminate those paper forms

Save that admin time for your and your drivers

Increase your fleet productivity