Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuelled Fleet Vehicle


Once upon a time there was only petrol to get cars around but nowadays they are also powered by diesel, electric, gas and hybrid combinations of fuel to get around, no wonder fleet managers feel overwhelmed by choice!

Some questions to consider:

  • Should I look at alternative fuels?                   
  • Would alternative fuels be cheaper for me?     
  • How can I reduce my carbon footprint?           
  • Will the vehicle range match my fleet requirements?

How does it work?

With so many fuel types to choose from various myths around greener vehicles it can be confusing to make positive changes in this area however do not be daunted, this choice means there are vehicles out there which suit the individual requirements of your business and if you get it right will end up saving you money.

The LetsTalkConsulting team will take time to understand the exact usage requirements of your entire fleet and match this up to the most efficient vehicle fuel type for your business' needs.

This will give you an efficient fleet both now and into the future as alternative fuel vehicles are enhanced and diesel tariffs are imposed. 

Key Features

Right Fuels for you

Environmental impact

Minimising fuel costs