Vehicle Fuel

Fuel Cards and Fuel Spend

Overview Case Study

Our fuel reviews typically result in savings of between 5p & 10p per litre and can be quickly implemented, call us on 0330 056 3335 to get started.

Fuel spend is typically around 20% to 30% of total fleet running costs and as such effective management and cost control is critical to running an efficient fleet operation especially with alternative fuel options increasing.

Fuel cards are a convenient and cost effective method of managing and controlling your business fuel spend and a source of valuable management data. 

Fuel costs vary on a daily basis given the volatility in oil prices and the competing providers involved, this means its important to regularly review your fuel card and fuel spend provision to ensure you are optimising your business costs.

Questions you may ask: 

  • Are fuel cards cost effective?
  • What is the available fuel network for the card?
  • Can I use supermarket fuel stations with the card?
  • Is card spend restricted to fuel?
  • Could they support HMRC compliance?
  • Can the card integrate with my expense system?
  • What exception reporting is available?
  • How quickly can I get new or replacement cards for employees?
  • Is it easy to see total fuel spend on a timely basis?

Key considerations for Fuel Cards

  • Geographic reach
  • Fuel types
  • Fuel only or additional services
  • Fuel rebates
  • Card authorisation
  • Card security
  • Card usage monitoring
  • Private usage guidelines

How we can help?

As we are independent, we have a number of strategic partners who offer a variety of solutions and pricing for different needs.

We know what is available and what may be the best fit for your specific needs.

Technology is moving quickly and dependent on how you operate today, some of the latest technology may offer you a better and more cost effective solution.

We start by getting to know your businesses specific requirements. We can then identify Fuel Card solutions that are aligned to your bespoke business needs.

We come back with a series of recommendations. You choose the right one for you. We can then implement and manage the supplier on your behalf ensuring benefits are realised.

This was a a fairly typical case study for a customer with around 160 vehicles on Fleet with a 70/30 Commercial/Car split



The process reviewed the entire company fuel spend



The customer breakdown was as follows:


Total savings found were ~ £92,000 per year


HMRC Compliant

Secure Chip & Pin

Driver audit checks

Nationwide coverage

Nearest garage locators

Discounted fuel offers

Central administration

Full fuel audit and forecasts