Fleet Policy Review

Keeping your policy current


An effective fleet policy is critical irrespective of what your specific objectives are.

Questions you may ask:

  • Does my policy still meet business requirements?                                                
  • Is my policy competitive?                                    
  • Does my policy cover all areas?                         
  • How often should it be updated?                       
  • How well do drivers understand the policy?

How does it work?

Developing and operating the right fleet policy needs to balance up the often competing demands of your key stakeholders such as HR, Finance, Commercial and Operations and its often difficult keep them all happy at the same time.

The LetsTalkConsulting team have considerable experience in developing, implementing and operating Fleet policies both as supplier and customer.

We can use this experience to review your policy and deliver actionable improvements.

The review can cover your entire policy or smaller constituent elements dependent on your individual needs.We will partner with you to implement the solutions.

Key Features

Right policy for your fleet

Duty of care

Minimising fuel costs

Increase driver satisfaction