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Whether you need support with a very specific aspect of your fleet provision or need a more holistic review, our team of industry experts are here to help and support you.

With extensive knowledge and experience of company fleet operations ranging from fleets sizes of 5 to 10,000 vehicles, which operate across the UK, or a multiple country model across EMEA / Globally, we are very confident that we can work strategically with you to optimise your fleet operations, improve your fleet key service levels and at the same time reduce your business's cost base.

From our experience cost savings of between 8% and 14% are achievable with Fleet Tracking tools to ensure savings are implemented and realised.


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LetsTalkFleet are proud to be UK partners of the Global Independent Fleet Consultancy network Fleet Competence, this network of Global Fleet Consultants enables pan European and Global fleets to optimise their Fleet Operations typically between 10% and 20% per year, for more information contact us or see our site: Fleet Competence - International Consulting

Please take a look at just some of the areas we have worked with our customers on and if we can support you in any way just reach out and LetsTalk Fleet.

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Gary has over 25 years deep domain expertise in the UK, European and Global Fleet industry working until recently as the General Manager of GE Capital Fleet Services. He has a passion for his customers, ensuring that the services delivered are best in class and at a cost that represents real incremental value. Dedicated to building businesses which yield service excellence by a highly motivated and engaged team. Enjoys a round of golf in his spare time.



Steve is a passionate sports fan and heads up our Operations and Finance functions who likes saving customers money, financial modelling, data interrogation and operational excellence modelling in that order... Steve is a Chartered Accountant (ACA) and Tax advisor (CTA) and Ex Operations Director at GE Capital Fleet Services. With over 20 years experience in Financial Services Steve is always looking to deliver efficient, data driven value add services for Fleet Operators.



Andy, heading up the marketing team, always looking to create a new product/service and above all meeting customers needs. Ex GE Capital Equipment Finance, worked with Gary/Steve previously at Fleet. With over 25 years experience in the finance sector across a wide range of asset types with over 10 years experience in fleet. MBA University of Liverpool and member of Chartered Institute of Marketing



Tim's expertise covers Asset Management, Pricing, Risk and Regulation. A proven change leader Tim can drive stakeholder engagement, identifying key risks associated with business change. Tim's professional qualifications include ACMA, CGMA.



Rebecca has extensive Fleet industry experience, and was the Finance Director for GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services (acquired by Arval in Nov'15). Specialised in Fleet Pricing both at a U.K. and Pan-European level covering total lifecycle costs of running a fleet. Rebecca is CIMA Qualified, graduating from Leeds University with a degree in Mathematics & Management.

Questions To Think About

FAQs About Our Fleet Consultancy Services
How important is having certainty when managing your Fleet budgets?

Do you want to manage risk and reward of vehicle ownership yourself or have someone else manage this for you? We have a number of products that can meet both of these requirements.

Do you have cash available in your business to finance fleet?

What is your normal rate of return? Are you tying up cash in expensive vehicles? Is this the best way forward or should you be looking to re invest this into growing your business? We can look at the options for you and offer a true independent view.

What are your Corporation Tax considerations?

This can be complex, but need not be. All vehicle financing products have specific corporation tax considerations so let us review your requirements and help you choose a financing method that will meet your specific needs.

What are your specific business requirements for running a fleet?

We can design a tailored fleet policy to cover all your specific needs, using the right funding platform to minimise your costs and meet your operatinal requirements.

How flexible does your fleet provision need to be? Do you have a clear long term strategic view?

Needs change over time and we can look at what is best for you now and in the future. We can provide a number of options taking into account how your needs may change.

Financial Accounting considerations - On / Off balance sheet, what is best for me?

We can look into this. You may have specific On or Off balance sheet requirements. please see below an important update that may impact your company.We can help you choose the right product and structure in conjunction with your finance team to deliver what you need.

IFRS 16 Update : For Publicly quoted firms that report to the International Financial Reporting Standards and the public sector

New lease accounting rules effective from 1 January 2019.

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has now published a new International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 16, which requires lessees (customers leasing an asset) to recognise assets and liabilities for most leases on the balance sheet. IFRS 16 will supersede the current lease standard International Accounting Standard (IAS) 17. 

Previously, a lessee would have to determine whether the lease is a finance lease or an operating lease. This is effectively done by assessing the risks and rewards inherent in the lease. Contract hire arrangements are usually operating leases.

Publicly listed companies already have to make a note to the annual report, which reflects any operating lease rentals payable. Businesses will need to ensure they report on their liabilities (rental payment arising under the lease) and their asset (the right to use the leased asset).

Vehicle usage - How important is this? Is it likely to change?

Understanding your vehicle usage requiements is critical to effectively manageing your costs, wherther this relates to annual mileage or activities your vehicles will be used for. We can look at the options available to you and potential scenario planning.

What impact does VAT have on fleet product selection?

Dependent on your VAT status, funding product and business usage there are restrictions on the amount of VAT recoverable. We can model different products and their tax treatment so that you can make an informed decision on what really is best for your business.

What is the personal cost to employees re providing a fleet vehicle?

Specific products have different employee Benefit in Kind impacts. We can model what the potential BIK impacts can be for your employee base dependent on your potential product selection and choice of vehicles. 

What factors do I need to consider when comparing funding methods?

This can be very complex, cash flow, personal and business tax, whole life costs are just some of the key elements to consider. Utilising our bespoke and highly spophisticated financial modelling tools we can help you understand how these factors vary by product and what is best for you.

What factors do I need to consider when choosing the right vehicle for my business?

There are a number of factors to think about, technical specification, health & safety, true whole life costs, employee preferences are just a few. Let us help you navigate through this complex decision process so that you have the optimum policy in place for your business needs.

Am I paying what I should do today?

This is something we can look at for you, benchmarking your costs versus your peers and competitors ensuring you get the right costs, right contract, and right service. 

What other service providers are out there?

There are lots of service providers, offering different services and potential value. We have the knowledge to save you time, so let us do this for you and more importantly do it independently.

Am I aware and utilising the best technology to run my fleet?

This is moving constantly and we see it in use everyday. We have the experience. Let us match your needs with what is available for the best fit.

Fleet is not my main job but it's taking more time. How can I solve this?

Outsourcing could be an option but maybe small steps to start. Let us have a look where we could help and save you time.

Is my service provider being proactive enough?

Good question and we would know - let us have a look, review and benchmark and come back to you.

Am I getting the right data at the right time to make the best decisions?

Let us complete a quick audit and have a look, without the right data in the right format it is difficult to say.

What types of fleet services are available and what are the benefits and drawbacks?

Using our expertise we can review. All services have features which you may need but with our knowledge we can quickly match this to what you really need.

Do I need to use the same provider for all fleet services?

No, definitely not, there could be advantages at using different providers, let us have a look for you.

How can I keep my drivers happy and productive whilst at the same time reducing costs?

We get asked this constantly. It is possible and we have lots of suggestions on how to do this.

Which element of my fleet is costing me the most and where can I make savings?

We have a great audit process to find this out, looking at the different costs you have and benchmarking with other companies.

I'm confused by all the different funding models. Who can help?

We are here to help and simplify based on experince. As we are independent we can offer you the best ideas.

What parameters would be best to choose for my fleet?

Good question. Over or under changes can all impact your costs. We have tools to monitor and forecast future costs and parameters.

I have lots of mileage claims but don’t provide company cars. Should I?

This ia a question we get asked a lot. It all depends on a number of factors. We can have a look and let you know.

Eco/Salary sacrifice/affinity my employees and HR are asking how can we improve our package to secure and retain our staff?

There are lots of different schemes out there. We can guide you through them to see what's best for you and your needs.

Health & Safety legislation what are my legal duties now regarding car usage on business?

This has changed and is constantly changing. We can look into your specific fleet and let you know.

Am I better sourcing my own fleet services or outsourcing it?

No right answer here but we can look into this and using our independence look at some options and let you know.

If I outsource do I lose control? How can I avoid this?

We have seen this many times and we know how this can work and why it sometimes does not. Let us have a look for you.

Who should I listen to - manufacturers, dealers, service provider, my drivers? Is there anyone else I can speak to independently?

That's why we are here, completely independent and as per our values passionate about fleet.

What is grey fleet - older drivers?

No, should be maybe, it's about the drivers who drive on business mileage but using their own cars. These need to managed by you as you still have a duty of care on these drivers.

Cash vs Car who wins?

Is there an outright winner? It all depends. As we are independent we can advise one or the other as we do not sell either.

If I provide a company car what is the impact on my companies tax position and the personal tax liability for my drivers?

This will depend on your specific circumstances, Corporation Tax, Income tax, VAT and National Insurance contributions for both the employer and employee are all areas that need to be taken into account. We are here to offer true independant analysis to ensure you have a clear and complete understanding.

What government grants are available to my company to incentivise the adoption of green vehicles?

The UK Government is still offering grants to incentivise the take up of low Co2 vehicles, these are dependant on meeting certain crieria and are limited in availability. Reach out and we can help identify grants that may be available to you.

If I have a driver doing business mileage in their own car how much should I reimburse them for their costs?

There are recommended rates from HMRC which dictake the maximum values that can be paid to an employee for using their personal vehicle for business use, payments made above these values will incur a tax charge. We can look at this for you in more detail and help make sure that the amounts you reimburse are both fair to your employee and cost effective for your business.

How has vehicle exceed duty changed recently?

Recent changes have meant a potential increase in costs. Please take alook at our Vehicle Excise Duty table and reach out to us for more information.

What is the VAT treatment for acquiring and running a vehicle for business needs?

Depending on the type of vehicle and its usage this will vary, also the method by which your veicle is acquired will determine the VAT treatment. Our VAT tables provide a useful guide but for more specific information reach out and we we will be happy to help.

What are the tax implications of running a salary sacrifice scheme?

New tax legilation which went live in April 2017 has tax implications for running a salary sacrifice car scheme. This now reduces the tax benefit obtained for cars with a Co2 value of greater than 75gms. Whilst some salary sacrifice schemes are still a valid and effective way to provide cars to your employees careful consideration is needed.. Please reach out, we are here to help.

What capital allowances can be claimed for a new company vehicle?

Please take a look at our Capital Allowance guide or reach out to one of our team of specialists for more specific information.