Vehicle Fit Out (Racking & Livery)

Fleet Vehicle Fit Out


Your fleet represents the company's image when its on the road and this is especially true of van fleets.

Questions you may ask:

  • How can I get the vehicles I want with my specific requirements?                                                      
  • Who could provide the specialist fit out I need?                                                          
  • How can I make my brand more visual on my fleet?                                                                                
  • How important is livery for marketing my company?

How does it work?

Running a commercial vehicle fleet is a unique challenge for every business.

We can support your strategy in a number of ways including vehicle fit out where we can work with your internal stakeholders such as Operations, Logistics and Finance to ensure your vehicles meet all requirements and any fit out can be individually designed for your business to manage costs effectively and maximise vehicle uptime.

Key Features

Driving efficiency

Health & Safety compliant

Providing right tools for job

Selecting the right partner