Telematics Strategic Consultancy


The key to effective integration of Telematics is data. Are you able to use the data to inform your business and make the right decisions. In our experience many organisations are not getting the true benefits from Telematics due to data conversion into meaningful manangement information.

Questions you may ask:

  • What data is important to record from a Telematics installation?                                       
  • How do I convert data into meaningful insight to make decisions?                                                
  • Am I getting value for money from my current Telematics installation?

 How does it work? 

We have worked with Telematics for a number of years, across different installations. We can take your data, analyse it, suggest recommendations, to provide you with the insight you need to make the right decisions. 

Key Features

Transitioning data to information

Evaluation of benefits

Fully independent review

Identify improvement areas with action plans