Duty of Care

Duty Of Care


Keeping drivers on the road in a compliant and efficient manner is critical. If a driver is performing activities on behalf of your business you have responsibilities to both the driver and the vehicle that they are driving. Drivers and vehicles must be fully legally compliant and deemed "fit for purpose".

Successive legislation " Health & Safety at Work 1974", "Management of Health & Safety at Work regulations 1992" and "Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998" confer a duty on the employee to ensure the safety and welfare of employee's driving to and during their work activities. Later legislation has mandated the need for risk assessments to understand and mitigate the risks associated with driving activities, and vehicle suitability for the activity you are asking the driver to perform. Questions you may ask:

  • Are my drivers proficient in their driving?   
  • Are my drivers compliant from a documentation perspective?
  • Are my vehicles fit for purpose?
  • What about employees. contractors, part time do I need to include them?
  • What changes are coming in and when?                                      
  • If they drive their own cars is this included?

 Key considerations for Duty Of Care 

  • Scope - who needs to be included and when
  • Data protection - using third parties                               
  • Driver privacy - what can be disclosed                                    
  • Remedial action - what options do you have if this is required
  • Employement contracts  - Does this need to be changed

 How can we help?

Initially we can review your specific needs and using our extensive knowledge identify key initiatives to ensure you are meeting your business obligations.

We can help you identify services that are aligned to your needs and support the implementation if needed.

Following this, we could manage the supplier on your behalf, ensuring you get the service you need, this can include SLA design and review, contract reviews and budget/invoice management. 

Key Benefits

Detailed Policy Review Audit

Driver Licence Auditing

Driver individual risk assessment

Tailored Individual driver action plans

Latest legislation guidance

Pro-active fleet policy guidance

Driving better behaviour to save running costs

Brand management - through better driver behaviour