New Supplier Selection & Tender Management

New Vehicle Supplier Selection & Tender Management


Ensuring you get the optimal performance from your fleet means effective supplier selection is key.

If you select the right supplier at the outset with effective performance management mechanisms this will deliver an efficient fleet solution which will benefit the company and its drivers. 

Questions you may ask:

  • Should I undertake tenders for supplier selection?
  • Which suppliers should be included?
  • How should the tender be constructed and what timelines are effective?
  • How can I evaluate tender responses?              
  • How do I ensure the chosen supplier delivers on their requirements? 

How does it work?

As a Fleet operator you will be reviewing your fleet suppliers on a regular basis and we can support with tendering, new supplier selection and implementation to ensure the process works effectively for you. 

Key Features

Effective supplier selection

Ensuring Duty of care

Maximise service levels

Clear transparent process for all