Fleet Risk Management & Driver Training

Fleet Risk Management & Driver Training


How are your drivers driving is a key consideration for you and how can you change the culture of risk and ensure drivers are mitigating their own personal risk every day when on company duty.

Are they driving as you would expect and in consideration of other road users and does your policy encourage these behaviours.

Questions you may ask: 

  • How could improving driver behaviour save running costs?
  • How can journey planning be improved for my drivers?
  • Are your event reporting processes effective?
  • Do you act on driver incidents such as speeding fines and accidents to deliver a safer policy?

How does it work?

Our consulting review will focus on a number of key areas to deliver a risk conscious policy: 

  • Responsibility and risk culture
  • Incident and event reporting and management
  • Asset choice and management
  • Driver behaviour and monitoring
  • Journey analysis and planning

Taking this approach can deliver benefits such as reduced accident costs, insurance premiums and vehicle downtime whilst mitigating the likelihood of compliance issues. 

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Managing risk through changing drivers behaviour

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