Admin Outsourcing

Administration Outsourcing


Devising specific SLA's for you to manage your suppliers, to improve your productivity, efficiency and cost are key considerations when evaluating how you manage your fleet's day to day activities.

Is it your main activity, or more of a bolt on to what you do, preventing you from getting to other elements of your day to day job?

Fleet can either be reactive, ie waiting for that next call and reacting to it, or proactive, reviewing your fleet operations on a regular basis where somebody else does the day to day management for you.

Some questions you may ask:

  • What are the advantages of outsourcing activities?
  • How can I ensure my service levels are maintained?
  • How do I keep control?    
  • Which activities can be outsourced and what should be maintained internally?
  • Can I get services back if needed?                                              

Key considerations for outsourcing

Running a fleet can involve lots of specific activities, such as :

  • Setting your fleet policy 
  • Vehicle acquisition
  • Legislation review
  • Dealer/manufacturer arrangements
  • Funding product selection
  • In life service selection
  • Invoice checking and payment
  • Driver licence checking
  • Driver Queries
  • Maintenance authorisations
  • Vehicle Inspections

The list could go on and is not intended to be totally comprehensive but gives an idea how much time and thought needs to go into managing a fleet.

How can we help?

Dependent on how you run your fleet today you may be one of the following :

Existing Admin Outsourced - In which case you have a provider today but it may be time for a change or re validate what you are getting in terms of proactive value. 

Partial Outsource - You have some elements that are outsourced today but unsure if it's working effectively and should be going more in house or outsourced. 

No Outsource - All activities are performed in house. Is this the optimal way to run your fleet, what could be the alternatives.

For all of these environments we can provide either full outsourcing or partial so you can validate and measure performance over time.

Our process is simple, 1,2,3

Step 1. Benchmark your fleet Is it fully optimised, identify improvements
Step 2. Provide recommendations Using our extensive partner network
Step 3. Implement, measure, validate We create tailored SLA's to measure performance 


Key Benefits

Fleet performance benchmarking

New to outsourcing or current, we have solutions for all

Fixed Budget management

Tailored SLA's to meet your specific requirements