Replacement Planning

Replacement Planning For Fleet


How often should I replace my fleet is a key consideration, at what point does running an older fleet become more expensive.

Questions you may ask: 

  • How do I calculate when is best to replace specific vehicles?
  • At what point do costs of running an existing vehicle outweigh replacing it?    
  • What is the optimum replacement cycle for your fleet of vehicles?
  • How do I balance keeping my drivers happy but manage costs?

How does it work?

Your strategy should be built around the total cost of ownership of your vehicles and the availability of new replacement vehicles and then have a process in place to replace whilst maintaining optimal fleet running levels.

Whilst this can sound complex in reality a comprehensive review of your current operations is enough to develop a detailed strategy which should then be revalidated annually to ensure it continues to meet wider business needs.

Having the right replacement plan in place ensures you can address key business concerns of cost and driver satisfaction. 

Key Features

Replace at the right time

Optimal solutions

Keeping fleet current

Continuity for drivers