Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Strategy

LCV Strategy For Fleet


We understand the core differences between managing an LCV and Car fleet. Managing and optimising a commercial fleet has specific challenges which require individual solutions.

Questions you may ask:

  • I have specific LCV requirements who can help me find what I need?
  • How can I manage commercial logistics to optimise my fleet usage?
  • How do I maximise uptime of my fleet?

How does it work?

Running an efficient Van fleet can be very different from a fleet containing cars only, at LetsTalkConsulting we tailor our review through specific LCV expertise to develop solutions optimised for the unique challenges of running a commercial fleet.

Using our Total Cost of Ownership approach reengineered for Commercial Vehicles we can look at your provision from a number of different angles to deliver the optimal solution:

Vehicle Selection - Matching the right vehicles to your exact requirements.

Funding - Helping you evaluate the myriad of funding options available to get the methods which work best for your needs.

Usage & Operation - Vehicle uptime maximisation during the vehicle contract.

Balancing your needs - Delivering the right solution based on cost, uptime, environmental impact and driver experience.

Implementing the results - Working with you to ensure identified benefits are attained.

Key Features

Get the most out of your LCV fleet

Optimal solutions

Minimising downtime