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Tax can be complex and here at Letstalkfleet this is a specific area of our expertise. Managing fleets involves lots of different considerations regarding taxation and financing. Vehicle type and specification, business tax, employee tax, VAT, National Insurance and cashflow are just some of the key factors that need to be considered when looking to optimise your fleet provision.

That's why we provide the information you need, whether it be in the form of simple tax guides or calculators allowing you to self serve. 

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FAQs About Our Tax Guides
If I provide a company car what is the impact on my companies tax position and the personal tax liability for my drivers?

This will depend on your specific circumstances, Corporation Tax, Income tax, VAT and National Insurance contributions for both the employer and employee are all areas that need to be taken into account. We are here to offer true independant analysis to ensure you have a clear and complete understanding.

What government grants are available to my company to incentivise the adoption of green vehicles?

The UK Government is still offering grants to incentivise the take up of low Co2 vehicles, these are dependant on meeting certain crieria and are limited in availability. Reach out and we can help identify grants that may be available to you.

If I have a driver doing business mileage in their own car how much should I reimburse them for their costs?

There are recommended rates from HMRC which dictake the maximum values that can be paid to an employee for using their personal vehicle for business use, payments made above these values will incur a tax charge. We can look at this for you in more detail and help make sure that the amounts you reimburse are both fair to your employee and cost effective for your business.

How has vehicle exceed duty changed recently?

Recent changes have meant a potential increase in costs. Please take alook at our Vehicle Excise Duty table and reach out to us for more information.

What is the VAT treatment for acquiring and running a vehicle for business needs?

Depending on the type of vehicle and its usage this will vary, also the method by which your veicle is acquired will determine the VAT treatment. Our VAT tables provide a useful guide but for more specific information reach out and we we will be happy to help.

What are the tax implications of running a salary sacrifice scheme?

New tax legilation which went live in April 2017 has tax implications for running a salary sacrifice car scheme. This now reduces the tax benefit obtained for cars with a Co2 value of greater than 75gms. Whilst some salary sacrifice schemes are still a valid and effective way to provide cars to your employees careful consideration is needed.. Please reach out, we are here to help.

What capital allowances can be claimed for a new company vehicle?

Please take a look at our Capital Allowance guide or reach out to one of our team of specialists for more specific information.