Your Insurer could be watching you

Your Insurer could be watching you

20th May 2017

Keeping your fleet and drivers is ciritical for any fleet. Are your drivers making calls when they should not? Technology suggest that in the event of any accident the insurer may look at the records to determine if you were active on your phone at the time and if you are covered.

Duty of care is an important consideration when you have drivers engaged on company business. They may be full time employees or could be part time contractors or potentially self employed. Where do your obligations start and where do they end as a fleet manager.

Many fleet policies prohibit the use of phones explicitly, others may advise on using them in an emergency only or when safe to do so.

All should state that they must be used in a legal fashion ie hands free with suitable blue tooth connectivity.  

However, is your policy clear enough and if an accident did occur, how would your insurance company treat the claim if it was subsequently found that your driver was on the phone at the time?

These are all important considerations to think about and where we may be able to help.

We could quickly review your policy in line with the latest fleet best practice and legal opinion to make sure your policy is fit for purpose. This could be important as your drivers will be asked to legally comply with your policy at all times.

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