What is Strategic Fleet Consultancy?

What is Strategic Fleet Consultancy?

18th Feb 2019

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Whether you need support with a very specific aspect of your fleet provision or need a more holistic review, our team of industry experts are here to help and support you.

With extensive knowledge and experience of company fleet operations ranging from fleets sizes of 5 to 10,000 vehicles, which operate across the UK, or a multiple country model across EMEA / Globally, we are very confident that we can work strategically with you to optimise your fleet operations, improve your fleet key service levels and at the same time reduce your business's cost base.

From our experience cost savings of between 8% and 14% are achievable with Fleet Tracking tools to ensure savings are implemented and realised.

Our consultancy Work is split into 3 core areas

Keeping You Compliant

Optimising your costs

Keeping Drivers on the Road

And underpinning all of our work is our expertise


How do we do it


Our strategic consultancy approach

A little bit more about what who we are