Pay As You Go Insurance

Pay As You Go Insurance

20th May 2017

Is pay as you go insurance now a viable model ... would it work for a fleet? We can now see the market growing in terms of B2C where a base monthly premium is supplemented by paying for what you use on top.

Do you think it might catch on for fleet? Could it work for a third party only package where the fleet self insures and takes any own damage risk.

Cuvva for example are leading this new market, with a subscription service and pay as you go on top. 

Up to now the new business launches into this sector have been aimed primarily at the business to consumer market, but could this be expanded into the world of fleet.

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Guardian 11/02


Something to think about .... Well if you are interested in exploring further then lets have a discussion, we offer a range of services relating to selecting the right provider.

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