New Industrial Strategy

New Industrial Strategy

28th Nov 2017

Yesterday the government announced four key sectors to drive the economy forward:

  • Artificial intelligence 
  • The global shift to low-pollution economic growth;
  • Changes to mobility, including the development of self-driving cars and zero-pollution cars
  • Helping meet the needs of an ageing society, which will create opportunities for business

Mobility was a key area - how can the UK shift to low pollution growth and be at the heart of the move to driverless cars and zero pollution cars. 

Titled "Building a Britain fit for the future" the white paper released yesterday focuses at length on making Britain a world leader in shaping the future of mobility.

Specific highlights of the report focus on:

Growth of electric car ownership (or should we say leasing as well)

Existing strengths in terms of automotive research and expertise

The report goes on to establish the four key priorties for the government :

  • Establish a flexible regulatory framework to encourage new modes of
    transport and new business models 
  • Seize the opportunities and address the challenges of moving from hydrocarbon to zero emission vehicles
  • Prepare for a future of new mobility services, increased autonomy, journeysharing
    and a blurring of the distinctions between private and public transport
  • Explore ways to use data to accelerate development of new mobility services and enable the more effective operation of our transport system

We will be monitoring these developments closely over the coming months and bring you the latest. 

See the report in detail here : Government Industrial Strategy