Is a company car still your best option?

Is a company car still your best option?

1st Mar 2018

Are you aware of the changes in Car Benefit In Kind Taxation which are coming into effect in April?

These changes can significantly increase the Benefit In Kind tax payable especially on diesel vehicles and increased first year Road Fund Licence charges will also impact diesels more than petrol. 

So does that mean diesel options are a non starter for company car purposes? Certainly not, despite the tax increases when you factoring in Lease costs and MPG rates then diesel could still work for you.

With so many variables at play when considering whether to take a company car or a cash alternative its vital drivers take time to consider their options and fully cost out each option, factoring in future years tax impact, as the incorrect decision could cost thousands over the life of a vehicle contract.

At LetsTalk we have a Cash v Car calculator that can take account of your individual and company situation to help you make the right decision.

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