International Fleet Consultancy

International Fleet Consultancy

28th Nov 2018

The Fleet Competence Network

LetsTalk Fleet are part of the Global Feel Consulting Network Fleet Competence which enables our team of Strategic Fleet Consultants to deliver Fleet Optimisation to Global and Pan European Fleets as increasingly companies are realising significant benefits by harmonising and internationalising their fleet management strategy.

Globally we see a clear trend to consolidate fleet solutions and to optimize costs sustainably. Across our Global client projects we typically realize optimizations between 10 and 20% through our Fleet Consultancy projects.


Trends in Fleet Management

Fleet Management Trends

The Fleet Competence Group represents the largest international consultancy group of Fleet Consulting experts, who are independent of any vehicle manufacturer, leasing company, fleet management provider or any other 3rd party vendors for fleet related services. Together with our partners around the globe, we support fleet operators in developing and implementing their international fleet strategy.


Worldwide support

The Fleet Competence Group comprises of a global team of 35 highly specialized fleet experts, who are engaged in the project execution via our experienced central project team, wherever national expertise is required. Each of those partners has a long-standing industry history either within senior functions at automotive service providers or as category responsible for fleet and travel within large corporations. Our group set-up offers a combination of international strategic competence at central level linked to a strong national presence and market expertise – the basis for your successful project execution.


Savings Execution & Tracking

Fleet Consultancy Savings Tracking

The fleet competence Group offers a value-add support to realise an optimised and sustainable fleet strategy. Our independence allows us to analyse your individual potentials, propose solutions and develop an executable road-map to Global Fleet Optimisation.

Once the strategic fleet road-map is defined and approved we support in realising the potential savings until the implementation is executed and the optimisations begin to crystalise.

Furthermore, we track results via our innovative consulting tool “Fleet Monitor“, which makes success trackable over time.


Our services – for your project

Fleet Competence can advise your company in developing and implementing national and international fleet & mobility strategies, which are both sustainable and customised to your company’s objectives.

We support with our expertise in the following areas:

  • Assessment of optimisation potentials / benchmarking / strategy-development

  • Policy development / review

  • Vendor contract review, optimisation and control

  • Creating efficient processes and structures / outsourcing processes / quality programs

  • Tendering / procurement programs

  • Internationalisation / globalisation / fleet harmonisation programs

  • Electrification / alternative mobility concepts

  • Insurance / accident management programs

  • Fleet (cost) monitoring

  • Fleet safety programs / online driver training

If you are interested in getting support for your international project, please contact us here.


We drive your international fleet strategy!