Great to be part of the Chamber 2018

Great to be part of the Chamber 2018

26th Jan 2018

Running Fleet has never been more challenging. Controlling costs, ensuring compliance, keeping drivers happy, addressing legal changes and balancing the needs of the environment can cause sleepless nights.
Here’s just some of areas we are helping our clients with:

Choosing the right fuel type – Petrol/Diesel – time to think electric possibly with 2% BIK round the corner

Taxation – With Increasing taxation for business and personal, its never been more critical to ensure you have the optimum funding structure for your fleet

Mobility – Can you reduce your vehicle footprint, reduce fleet size, increase utilisation and reduce your costs

Telematics – Changing driver behaviours to save fuel/wear and tear costs and improve their safety

Here at LetsTalkFleet we understand the challenges and opportunities, analysing fleet costs and identifying savings is where our expertise comes to the fore.

As we are completely independent of any supplier or service and have a deep understanding/knowledge of the market we can recommend the right actions for you and your business.

We are delighted to now be part of the UK's biggest and best chamber and that’s official. To introduce ourselves we are offering a free no hassle Fleet Audit review. Here we can complete a review of your fleet provision and make some clear and tangible suggestions to improve.

Message us on Twitter #@letstalkfleet or ring on 0330 056 3335 and we can take a few details, understand a bit more about you and the challenges you face, then we will run the numbers and provide you with the options.

To date we have identified between 8% and 14% in annual savings for fleets, so just think what that could mean to your P/L.

Working with most of the largest fleet financing, service providers and vehicle manufacturers in the UK we are able to work on your behalf to secure the best deal possible.

So if you have 2 vehicles or 2,000 vehicles we would welcome the opportunity to help you improve your efficiency and reduce your costs!