LetsTalkFleet at the Fleet Competence Global Partner Meeting

LetsTalkFleet at the Fleet Competence Global Partner Meeting

13th Apr 2018

LetsTalkFleet were proud to be appointed exclusive UK partners of the Fleet Competence Global Fleet Consulting Group (Fleetcompetence) in 2017, the Fleet Competence Group provides support to Fleet Operators and Fleet Mobility providers in the organisation of efficient, economic and sustainable Fleet Management by way of consulting activity, as a result of this link up LetsTalkFleet have supported the UK consulting activities of the network over the last few months.

It was therefore a great pleasure for Gary Killeen and Steve Huddart represent LetsTalkFleet at the fleetcompetence europe GmbH Global Partner Meeting in Warsaw on April 9-10 this year, the purpose of the meeting is to introduce new members, share best practice, debate (vigorously!) Fleet Hot Topics and roadmap future consulting activity.

As this was the first meeting attended by LTF it was great to meet the other members of the group and be introduced to new partners from North and South America, Warsaw and Łukasz Jania were excellent hosts .

LTF were really impressed to see the truly Independent European and increasingly Global Fleet Consulting value proposition presented by the FleetCompetence team, Thilo, Balz, Tobias and Stefan did a great job in distilling the core offering into meaningful impactful presentations. We also had a number of discussions on the some of the key challenges facing Global Fleet Operators such as GDPR, Mobility, Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Regulatory impacts on Fleet Operations and new Lease companies entering the markets, its good to know we share many of the same issues! 

Going forward LetsTalkFleet are excited to be part of the network as the Fleet and Mobility landscape offers many new challenges and opportunities, many of which can only be solved utilising an International approach and having the support of the FleetCompetence network behind us will allow us to better serve of large corporate customers, we look forward to leading UK activities in the future.

If you require any support with your local or international strategic Fleet activities or want to understand more about what the network can offer you then don't hesitate to get in touch.