Electric Same Costs as Petrol

Electric Same Costs as Petrol

20th May 2017

As widely reported recently ... it may well be with the advent of the first mass produced electric car. A recent UBS forecast predicts that parity could be reached in 2018.

This would be a huge step for electric vehicles as up to now price has been a key challenge for moving to electric, given the high costs of the vehicles.

Insurance for example is proportionately more expensive given their higher price to buy and the challenge of maintaining and servicing them, which is still a largely evolving market.

Mechanics by their very nature are used to the combustion engine, electrics present a different challenge, which we can be sure will be exploited as an opportunity by companies expanding existing services or new entrants, possibly disruptors, so watch this space.

Studies have estimated that not requiring oil changes and not having a fuel exhaust system can save up to 35% of in life servicing costs. So, could the higher initial price be offset by the benefits of lower servicing and fuel costs.

This challenge is one that will play out over the coming months and here at LetsTalkFleet with our extensive modelling capabilities we can quickly compare traditional combustion cars versus hybrids and full electric vehicles.

Interested in exploring, is it about time you thought about, is it time to think electric. We have the tools to help you, so get in touch and we can do some simple calculations free of charge to let you know if it really is time to move? 

Have a look at what we offer and drop us a quick enquiry with the vehicle you are thinking of. We will find the similar vehicles of different fuel types and let you know if maybe it is time to think electric?

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