2018 - Future of Fleet

2018 - Future of Fleet

24th Jan 2018

Electric Cars – is it time or too early. Are there savings to be made. At 3.5% of the total car park they have made gains in 2017 but will they continue in 2018. Another question to ask - Is there sufficient supply in the market and will lead times manage to survive if demand was to increase? Is the infrastructure in place?

Will full electric be the way forward for now, with 63% of the 3.5% coming from hybrids then is full electric too early or will fleets move from hybrid to electric in time.

Telematics – with increasing focus on driver behaviour the challenge will be monitoring driving behaviours, alongside vehicle health and maintenance intervals, minimizing collisions, fines, and downtime.

Younger Drivers - Millennials will start to dominate as boomers retire.  Get ready for a much more tech savvy user in the future.  

Autonomous Vehicles – Maybe not quite yet, but with the introduction and development of more connectivity devices are they becoming connected in a way – arise the Internet of things measuring and managing your vehicle from a distance.

Mobility Solutions is this the new buzzword potentially for the year – do we need cars in specific sites, can we mix public and private transport, share cars.

Company cars – Is the growing taxation of especially diesels now starting to put off employee’s and companies. Is cash allowances the way forward and if so what is the best way to provide for it. Salary sacrifice will it still work for your employees’ or is personal contract hire the new way forward.

Just a few trends for 2018 so watch this space.