Most Reliable Cars 2017

Most Reliable Cars 2017

28th Aug 2017

And the winner is ..... Kia .... most dependable make for 2017.

The JD power survey is unique in that it takes the independent surveys direct from drivers, no manufacturer or dealer intervention or possible bias here.

Dependability is classed as either: defects - does not work as intended or design, works but to level required.

Using these data points, JD calculates a score per 100 vehicles, lower the score the higher the ranking so well-done Kia at 83.

Respondents were owners of cars from one-year old to three-year-old ie registered from Feb 2014 to April 2016. Who knows you may have been asked?

With over 12,000 new car owners surveyed from a possible over 4 million new car owners the survey is still thought to be very reliable and significant.

So, in second place Volvo with 83, Skoda 89, Suzuki 92, Hyundai 97, Dacia 151, Fiat 165, Land Rover 175, Audi 187 and BMW 198.

So, Kia why do you offer a 7 year warranty on so many vehicles - well the survey may inform us in a way. If you are going to offer a decent warranty please Mr/Mrs Manufacturer then suggest you start climbing the survey... maybe it does prove if you think your car is so reliable you are willing to put a long warranty on means maybe you do know something about it after all.

Is Kia on your fleet? If not, maybe time to think and save all of these reliability issues for your fleet.

We are here to help. We can quickly look at your fleet today, expected maintenance budgets over 3 years, analyse reliability statistics and then determine if Kia or other manufacturers could be best for you and when.

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